We Show You How To…
  1. Assess a sales team and managers…
  2. Build a sales team…
  3. Improve a sales team…
  4. Merge sales teams…
  5. Transfer knowledge to sales teams…
With Precision – – Effectively, Efficiently & Predictably

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We Use The Chief Sales Executive Framework™
To make it easier for you to understand, learn and manage the twelve sales operating processes that are required for a sales team to execute with precision.  We provide you with:
  1. Assessments of your sales team and managers
  2. Consulting to build, improve and merge sales teams
  3. Training for CEO’s, sales managers and sales people
  4. Coaching for CEO’s, sales managers and sales people
  5. Speakers to energize your audience for revenue growth
  6. Tools for sales managers and sales people
  7. Information for sales managers
Are Your Sales Managers and Sales People Executing All Twelve Sales Operating Processes With Precision – – Effectively, Efficiently and Predictably?
  1. Business Development
  2. Customer Onboarding
  3. Account Management
  4. Customer Service
  5. Sales Enablement
  6. Inside Sales
  7. Field Sales
  8. Partner Sales
  9. Key Account Sales
  10. Product Sales
  11. Technical Sales
  12. Industry Sales
Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ are strategic thinkers, but at the same time are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work with individual sales people when needed. They always focus on refining the sales process to focus on the buyer. Their tools significantly increased our sales by adding precision, focusand accountability to the selling process. Brian Gurnham

COO, Business & Legal Reports (retired)

Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ did a great job of helping one of our business units accomplish a complete overhaul in their structure, accountability and financial metrics for their business. They provided skillful handling of the considerable change management issues that came with the overhaul. They brought precision to the process. John Bidwell

Chief Innovation Officer, Chubb Insurance

We hired Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ to help us optimize our sales process.  They provide a rare combination of being able to talk about the high-level strategy as well as the in-the-trenches details. They put together an amazing sales tool – – which they call “TheNaviGuide™”–that brought precision to our sales process and delivered concrete results. Mike Lingle

Founder and Past CEO, Slide Rocket