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Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ is a management consulting firm founded in 2002.  We are best known for developing thought-leading methods that bring precision to sales execution, including:

  1. TheNaviGuide™ tool for managing the exchange of information during sales calls, sales training and communicating updates to sales people
  2. The Chief Sales Executive Framework™ which provides step-by-step instructions for building, expanding, improving, restructuring and merging sales organizations
  3. The Direct Request Appointment Setting (DRAS)™ method and tools for scheduling a high volume of sales calls that also have a high completion rate
  4. The Threads of Connectivity™ method and tools for personal networking for partners, professionals and sales people that does not require the use of persuasion or other selling approaches
We Founded Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ to:
  1. Bring respect to the sales profession through a more scientific approach to selling, sales management, sales forecasting and sales planning
  2. Reduce sales call complexity for the buyer and the seller
  3. Quantitatively translate business leader’s vision into actionable sales and marketing activities that double sales revenue while increasing margin
Our Core Values
Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ approach every interaction to:

  1. Transmit Energy so people can seize the initiative and control the tempo of their environment
  2. Embrace Friction to ensure that people have situational awareness and sustain the element of surprise in the market place
  3. Connect and Synchronize People so their wisdom and energy can inspire great achievements
  4. Simplify Complexity so people can gain context and bring forth passion to their work, rather than emotion
  5. Be Inquisitive because there’s always a better way!
Our Purpose 
Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ specializes in showing people and organizations how to bring precision – – effectiveness, efficiency and predictability – – to sales execution for the purpose of building sustainable revenue growth year-after-year, including:

  1. Sales call execution
  2. Sales management practices
  3. Sales process and pipeline management
  4. Sales organization structure channel strategy
  5. Sales planning and forecasting