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We show your audience “how to” understand and implement the twelve operating processes required to manage a sales team with precision.

Pick one of the topic areas below and we will energize your audience with a thought provoking framework for:

  1. Building a Sales Team
  2. Improving/Restructuring a Sales Team
  3. Merging Sales Teams

We also deliver speeches on:

  1. Hiring, coaching and mentoring sales managers and sales people
  2. Executing daily sales work activities to: generate leads, schedule sales call appointments, execute sales calls and close deals, onboard new customers, renew and up-sell existing customers, and cross-sell existing customers.
  3. Executing daily sales management work activities to: hire, onboard, compensate, coach, evaluate, train and develop salespeople
  4. Sales Strategy: sales and market planning, forecasting, budgeting, organization structure and job design
  5. Selecting and installing your sales technology: CRM and lead management systems, phone systems, online collaboration tools, knowledge management system, etc.

We show your audience “how to” use sales knowledge transfer techniques rather than traditional sales pitch techniques.

Pick one of the topic areas below and we will energive your audience with a thought-provoking new approach to:

  1. Execute Sales Calls that double revenue while increasing margins
  2. Onboard New Sales People in days rather than months or years
  3. Launch New Products without time consuming and costly sales training

We show your audience “how to” use personal connection points with people rather than traditional persuasion-based sales techniques to build, engage and extract value from their contacts.

Pick all, one or more of the topics below and we will energize your audience:

  1. Overcome reluctance to engage networking
  2. Build a personal network of contacts
  3. Engage a personal network of contacts
  4. Benefit from a personal network of contacts
  5. Use technology to keep track of contacts and automatically follow-up with them