Sales Book Club

  1. Develop skills
  2. Build trust
  3. Adapt to change
  4. Broaden perspective

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Chief Sales Executive Advisors™ Facilitate Book Clubs With…

Sales People

sales management

Company Management

Board of Directors

What Topics Are Needed By Your Sales Team?

Sales Strategy

  1. Planning
  2. Forecasting
  3. Organization Structure
  4. Culture

Sales Execution

  1. Procedures
  2. Technology
  3. Knowledge
  4. People

Sales Evaluation

  1. Measure
  2. Analyze
  3. Report
  4. Improve

Pick A Sales Strategy Book To Engage…

Sales Planning

Built To Last
Competitive Strategy
Competitive Advantage

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Sales Organization

Sales Organization Design

Sales Culture

Emotional Intelligence

Pick A Sales Execution Book To Engage…

Sales Procedures

SPIN Selling
Consultative Selling
Solution Selling

Sales Management

Sales Compensation
The Checklist Manifesto

Sales Technology

Sales Knowledge

Pick A Sales Evaluation Book To Engage…

Sales Measures

The Balanced Scorecard

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis

Sales Reporting

Sales Process

The Great Transition
Re-engineering The Corporation